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Welcome to Sweet Science !!!
Updating Daily!
Reflection Journal dates/numbers can be found under the respective date in the calendar- you must click the link to see what we did that day. AE

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Please check your emails

I have compiled an email explaining what is to be expected for the weeks following spring break until we are scheduled to return to school. Please check your emails- I have sent it to the emails listed in skyward. Feel free to email me with any questions or if you did not receive it. I miss my students more and more each day!! Please stay safe and remember to keep those minds curious and engaged! - Ms.Sweet

Selective Breeding Presentations

I just want to remind students- if they would like to- continue to work on their presentations that were assigned and originally due the Monday we were to come back. The goal is to continue with presentations when we are cleared to return. Please continue to stay safe and follow directions and advice provided from RCS schools and the CDC.

Attn parents!

Tomorrow, Tuesday the 9th, is the last day for students to return permission slips to attend the SE-YA Book Festival on Friday. It is also the deadline for students to bring money for lunch on campus that day. Please email Selena Magee if you have any questions.

CFA #6 on Friday 02/27

Quizizz to help study for the CFA on friday- Also see supplimental material and handouts recieved.
Ask participants to open
and enter this code

Grades Makeup work/latework

Students have been made aware this week that All makeup work for this quarter is due by this TUESDAY FEB.18th per BMS policy!
All assignments are graded and put in skyward that this applys to. 
They have been checked as "missing" if they are an assignment that has the ability to be made up/turned in late etc.
Any questions or concerns please feel free to email me.

CDC Coin drive

The CDC class will be holding their Annual Coin Drive from February 4th-February 14th.  The money raised will go towards various classroom needs, life skill activities (cooking and building projects), and materials necessary for our participation in the Fall/Spring Special Olympics.  We accept donations in the form of coins, cash and checks.
Our advisory is currently in 5th place- but collecting with a mission!! 
Please help these kids with their charitable donations!

Rock Cycle Projects

Students and Parents,
As you may be aware students were assigned a Summative Rock Cycle Project that was due Jan. 16. I wanted to make clear that I am grading them as quickly as possible. However, Students did have choices on their project and some are a bit more in depth that others- this in combination with some personal things that have come up- it is taking me a little longer than anticipated to get them all graded. I am entering the grades in skyward as soon as I grade them to help expedite the process but they may not all be in before progress reports. This may be either a blessing or a curse to individual students. I just want to make you aware that I do apologize for the delay and want you to know they are high on my list of priorities and will continue to chip away at them ASAP. Any questions or concerns as always- please feel free to email me.

quizlet section modification

•New Quizlet section update!! Replacing the “Biogeology Unit vocab” it is now titled “Biogeology/Fossil unit”!!! a few new terms were added- Same thing applies- must have 3 sections (your choice) complete by Feb 11. it is assigned to all class- just continue to log in with your username that you joined the class with. Any questions feel free to email or ask me at the beginning or end of class.


For the Quizizz to use for the rocks and Natural resources test tomorrow - if you are having trouble with the link -I have set up a homework link available go to
and enter the code ::

Happy Holidays

To all my Beautiful, Bright, and kind students and their amazing families - we are halfway through the year and I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful bunch of students ! I will continue to strive to help them not only dominate 8th grade science but develops as the beautiful young people that I am so lucky to get to spend hours every day with. Thank you for all your hard work this first semester and as a team will tackle the next one in the new year !  I wish you and your family a safe and happy winter break and holidays ! Remember to make Earths layers out of your mashed potatoes, use Newton’s laws to help build the best snowman on the block, and apply your knowledge of waves to explain how you can tell how far Santa’s reindeer are from your house based on the sound :) all my love - Ms.Sweet 

Makeup/late work due

Friday- All makeup/ late-work is due for the 2nd Quarter- Only exceptions would be the Earth's Test scheduled for Friday/Monday- Retakes for that particular test must be completed by Tuesday to make it in the grade books. 


1.Minimum 3 quizlet sections complete under the "Earth's interior" Study set (assigned Nov.19)
2.Mapping Fossils,Earthquakes, and Volcanoes worksheet packet (been working on in class groups) (excludes 7th & 8th periods) 
3. Test Review Study Guide (given Monday) will be checked for completion to use to study for test on Friday ( Test on Monday for Class periods 7 & 8)

Important Reminders

CFA over ESS2.5 This Friday (12/6)
Parent teacher conferences Wednesday (12/4)- schedule through the front office- if needed
I will not be able to do any morning makeup (week of 12/2-12/6); students can still come to my room for makeup during advisory/grit/lunch
All make up/ retakes must be completed by Friday 12/13 per BMS policy.
Semiformal Dance Sat 12/14 6:00pm-10:00pm
End of Quarter 2 is Friday 12.20
Winter break 12/23-1/6
Report cards Jan. 9