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Mrs. Frances Federici » Welcome to Mrs. Federici's 7A ELab Class!

Welcome to Mrs. Federici's 7A ELab Class!

 Welcome to 7A ELab!
Welcome Info:
Now that the webpage has been activated, please look here for updates on class information, handouts or upcoming events. There seems to still be a disconnect with the email that comes to me through Edlio, so the best contact may be by directly emailing me at
Biographical Info:
In 1992, I began my teaching career at Giles County High School in Pearisburg, VA. Over the next 25 years, I taught students from the 5th grade to college freshman, raised a family with my husband, and completed my M.A. in English.  While working on my Master's Degree, I was a Writing Fellow in the Gannon University Writing Project, a satellite of the Bay Area Writing Project. A culminating project involved developing a writing curriculum for middle school students that I was able to implement at two schools in Erie, PA before our relocation to Murfreesboro in the summer of 2017. I consider myself lucky to be teaching 7th graders (my favorite age) at BMS and look forward to working with you and your students. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Recent Posts

Writing prompt: Frida Kahlo and Inky Johnson essay

  • You have now read “The Power of Football: Inky Johnson on Dealing with Adversity” from and “The Biography of Frida Kahlo” adapted from Describe how both of these people used the process of overcoming physical obstacles as a platform for success. Cite evidence from both texts and support your answer.

Strategies for defining words using context clues

šThere are five easy steps to becoming an expert at using context clues:

šCircle the word or phrase you don't understand.

šUnderline key phrases and ideas in the sentence. ...

šGive the main idea of the paragraph the new word is in.

šSay the sentence in your own words.

šGuess at what the new word means.

Structure of Kitty Genovese Argumentative Essay

  • Introduction: Give background detail and history of the murder and its importance on societal research.
  • Body Pgh 1: Evidence and information presented in first article
  • Body Pgh 2: Evidence and information presented in second article.
  • Conclusion: Which article was more convincing and reinforce the evidence that led you to this conclusion. (your analysis)

Writing Prompt for "Kitty Genovese Argumentative Essay"

  • You have now read “37 Who Saw Murder” by Martin Gansberg and “The Kitty Genovese Murder: What Really Happened” by Jessica McBirney. Write an argumentative essay defending which article gives a more accurate portrayal of the events leading up to the Kitty Genovese murder. Use evidence from the text to support your answer.

"The Power of Advertising" discussion question

When has an advertisement encouraged you to buy a product? What about the advertisement appealed to you?
*Please answer in your composition book and use complete sentences in your answer.