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Sherry Bowen » Intro to ACT (8th Grade) and Computer Literacy (6th and 7th Grades)

Intro to ACT (8th Grade) and Computer Literacy (6th and 7th Grades)

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Into to ACT

Curriculum for 8th grade will consist of introducing the ACT to our students while exploring career options, high school pathways, and high school expectations in order to maintain the best GPA possible. Further, students will discover the importance of a competitive ACT score that will not only allow them to attend a college of their choice, but will help them earn a college scholarship. We hope to instill in them the idea that higher education is attainable for all students in Tennessee, and we hope to encourage each student to begin their high school years "strong" and maintain that effort throughout their four years.


Computer Literacy

Curriculum for 6th and 7th grade students will include learning Word and PowerPoint. In addition, students will learn how to utilize their email account in a professional manner while gaining awareness of their digital footprint and how to keep it "clean" and respectful. The students will also learn how to research online while utilizing programs/apps that allow them to present findings or study facts for future assessments. Students will also explore online safety and become aware of potential harmful situations. 



Intro to ACT Intro to ACT Computer Literacy Computer Literacy
Computer Literacy
ACT Prep Resources GCF Technology Tutorials Everfi Computer Literacy Clip Art
ACT Full Length Practice Test  Word Getting Started GCF Common Craft  Clip Art
ACT English Practice and Tips Word Text Basics GCF Edpuzzle Clip Art
ACT Math Practice and Tips Word Formatting Texts GCF Biteable--presentation with premade slides Animated Gifs
TN HOPE Scholarship
Word Pictures and Text Wrapping GCF Devolver-- Make a cartoon-3 easy steps Amazing Animations
ACT Science Practice and Tips Salary by Zipcode  Word Smart Art Graphics GCF  Nova Labs-- Cyber Security Game Classroom Clipart and Animations
ACT Testing Dates What is a GPA Word Saving and Sharing GCF  Typing Games Music for Projects
ACT Academy (free tailored practice) GPA Calculator Word Formatting Pictures GCF  Typing Test  
ACT: March To Success (must create account) Find my college requirements and cost  Word Pictures and Text Wrapping GCF  Test how computer literate you are  
ACT: Khan Academy CRAM: Create your own flashcards Word Tables GCF Be Internet Awesome  
ACT Free Practice tests from PowerScore Legends of Learning  Word Text Boxes GCF Comic Book Maker  
ACT: PrepScholar How to Raise Your Score Supper Teacher Tools Word Indents and Tabs GCF  Mind Mapping--online graphic organizer  
ACT: PrepScholar How to Improve Your Reading Score
Word Lists GCF  Typing Practice: Reviewed, Approved, and Recommended by our very on 8th graders!  
ACT: Prep Factory (grade level practice)      CRAM: Create your own flashcards  
ACT: Quizlet College Board Top 100 Common ACT Vocabulary Words
 MLA Format  
     PowerPoint Getting Started GCF Nitro Type Typing Practice  
    PowerPoint Slide Basics GCF    
    PowerPoint Managing Slides GCF    
    PowerPoint Applying Transitions GCF    
    PowerPoint Inserting Audio GCF    
    PowerPoint Animating Text and Objects    
    PowerPoint Inserting Pictures GCF    
    Find Creative Commons Images on Internet    
    Copyright Free Images Google Search YouTube    
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Intro to ACT & Comp Lit