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Boys Soccer

February 5, 2018


First of all, we would like to thank all players for coming out to try out for BMS Soccer.  Your dedication through our topsy-turvy schedule was definitely admirable.  Furthermore, we were very pleased at that positive attitudes and high level of competition that everyone exhibited throughout the tryout process.


For those of you not on the list below, I STRONGLY encourage you to please come by room during the next few mornings or afternoons.  I will gladly give you some one on one time, and let you know what I saw out on the field from you, as well as point you in the direction that I feel would help you to have a more favorable result next year, or as you move into high school.  Tryouts were extremely close this year, and many that are not listed below, are not so only by the slimmest of margins.


For those on the list below:  I expect nothing but encouragement to those that did not make the BMS Soccer team this year. 


We would like to congratulate the following players that are now a part of the BMS Soccer team:


Sebron Colson

Gaven Denisac

Fernando Galvez

Chris Jennings

Sam Melek

Ethan Rowland

Logan Tramell

Mateen Bajlory

Luke Chabot

Isaac Conn

Bobby Davis

Jeremy Johnson

Shady Khader

Jacob Littleton

Leonel Morales

Evan Russell

Chance Stose

Joshua Allen

LaMaris Anderson

Seth Been

Grayson Bryant

Sebastian Carmana

Enrique Galvez

Humerto Guiterrez

Garon Hendricks

Malachi Taylor

Miles Tory


All players above should plan on practicing Tuesday – Friday of this week.  After school until 5p.  We are expecting rain both Tuesday and Wednesday.  In the event that it rains, we will still have a players/coaches meeting on one of those days to go over expectations for the 2017-2018 season.  Also, we will have a mandatory parent meeting this week.  As soon as we find out what day we are able to secure the cafeteria, an announcement will be made.


Again, congratulations to the players listed above.  We are looking forward to an a fun and competitive season!


Coach Traub

Friday:  February 2nd, 2018
Tryouts are canceled for today due to below freezing temperatures.
Monday, we should have temperatures in the high 30's, and currently, a 0% chance of rain.  It is absolute desire to get our 2nd round of tryouts in on Monday, as we will have rain coming in later next week again.
-Coach Traub

Thursday:  February 1st, 2018


ATTENTION PARENTS / PLAYERS:  Our field is unfortunately under water (again) and we will be unable to tryout today.  – we also have more rain forecasted for this afternoon.


I understand this is frustrating for both the players, parents, and is for the coaching staff obviously as well.  We appreciate your patience and understanding as we battle through mother nature.


CURRENT PLANS:  We are currently scheduled to have our 2nd round of tryouts on Friday: February 2nd, 2018.  With that being said, we will have to assess the field situation, to determine whether or not it has dried out by tomorrow afternoon.  If we are able to practice, make sure your players have WARM CLOTHES, as it will be cold Friday.


In the event that the field has not dried out, announcements will be made no later than 2p throughout the school, and we will update this web page.


--Again, we are sorry that the schedule is currently so “up in the air” – but unfortunately soccer is a sport that can only be assessed well on our outdoor field, and we want to ensure the most fair environment for all trying out.


Please feel free e-mail with any questions:


Coach Traub

Welcome BMS Soccer Fans! 
We are looking forward to another successful year of BMS Soccer!  Tryouts will start on January 29th and January 30th (January 31st if necessary)  All tryout athletes are expected to attend both days of tryouts.
In the meantime, be sure to get your player's physical done, and Athletic Participation Packet filled out.  A complete physical packet is required to participate in the tryouts.  ONE participation packet is all that is required for a player throughout the entire year.  (i.e. if they tried out for football in the fall, or the basketball team in the winter, then they are good to go for soccer in the spring)
The link for the .pdf for the athletic participation packet is below.  Be sure to include BOTH a utility bill, AS WELL as the bus zone verification form.  Also, please double check over the packet.  There are plenty of places for the player to initial and sign as well.
Additionally, there is a tryout information attached as well.  Please print this out, as the bottom portion is required to be turned in prior to tryouts.
Additional paper copies are available in the main office.
 Any questions, please Contact Coach Traub:
2017-2018 BMS Soccer Team: