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Thank you for your interest in the Blackman Middle School Wrestling team. Although existing since 2013 within the school as a club team with a good amount of success, the popularity and footprint of wrestling within Rutherford County and the state of Tennessee as a whole has created an opportunity to bring the great sport of wrestling into the fold of Blackman Middle School as an official Athletic Department sponsored team. In the 23-24 season we finished first in our county, region and the state. We look forward to you and your family being apart of what we do moving forward. 

Blackman Middle School Wrestling competes within the Central Tennessee Wrestling Conference (CTWC). The CTWCs 20 Member Schools represent Tennessee communities such as Hendersonville, Spring Hill/Columbia, Murfreesboro/Smyrna, McMinnville, Manchester, Cookeville, Tullahoma, and Whitwell, making it the State of Tennessee largest and most competitive Middle School Wrestling Conference.

The CTWC season will begin competition in late October through the CTWC Conference Championships in the first weekend of December. Generally, BMS will compete on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. The main team match, or “dual”, will consist of 1 varsity wrestler at each of the CTWC’s recognized 15 weight classes, however, depending on the opposing team’s roster, time is allotted after the dual for JV matches, called Exhibition matches. We cannot guarantee any wrestler will be able to wrestle in any exhibition matches. Also, depending on how the season goes, the coaching staff also has the option of taking JV wrestlers to a dual in place of varsity to ensure our JV wrestlers adequate mat time for continued development. *NOTE – Varsity Wrestlers Only will compete in the Traditional Conference Championship Tournament. JV Wrestlers may compete in the Dual Conference Championships, depending on team needs*

The Varsity spot for each of the 15 Weight classes will be determined by Coaches’ judgment and will be re-evaluated weekly based on performances at practices and any live matches/tournaments results. Wrestle-offs are not used to determine varsity spots. We will not discuss with parents any decision involving roster or weight class changes, but will gladly discuss any potential changes with the wrestler. Our obligation is to put the most competitive line-up on the mat to represent Blackman Middle School, and roster fluidity is paramount in that process. There will never be a decision made that puts any athlete, from BMS or otherwise, in danger.

24-Hour Rule

While there is a policy not to discuss roster movement with parents, the BMS staff will always discuss any concern you might have as the parent of a BMS athlete through our open-door policy. However, we will not discuss any wrestling-related concerns for 24-hours following any match. Health concerns, injuries, or any concern that effects the well-being of the athlete are exempt from this policy.




Practice Policy

Given the nature of the compressed competition schedule (6 weeks), every practice and match is important and we expect your athlete to be in attendance. The only exceptions to this rule are;

  1. Family Illness/Medical emergency
  2. Bereavement

Missing practices or matches for other sports-related functions is not acceptable without discussing it with the coaches prior to the event. Certain other sport related functions, such as the opportunity to play in a National tournament or once-in-a-lifetime event, will be taken into consideration, but rudimentary events such as a soccer or baseball practice will not. The practice schedule will be as follows;

Monday-Thursday – 7:00pm, Blackman High School Auxiliary Gym. The occasional Friday practice, which will be held in Coach Cantrell’s room after school and will be classroom-based (i.e watching tape, reviewing matches, etc), will be scheduled, but you will be given two weeks notice prior to any Friday practice.

Injured wrestlers will still be required to attend practices and matches to support their team unless otherwise stated by a Dr’s note.

Match Day Expectations

 Maintaining order and a code of conduct consistent with values and traditions of Blackman Middle School Athletics is of the utmost importance. On match day, we will expect our wrestlers to arrive to the venue 15 minutes prior to the designated weigh-in time. Once there, each wrestler will be expected to stay with the coaching staff on the bench and mat until released after the end of the exhibition matches. During the matches, it is expected that each wrestler remains on the bench or behind the bench while preparing for their match. It is also expected that each wrestler pay attention and focus on supporting each of the BMS wrestlers through the entirety of the event. No cell phones are permitted to be used on the bench unless it is for recording. We also ask that all parents remain in the stands until the conclusion of the exhibition matches and refrain from distracting their wrestler during the contest. We cannot control how other teams conduct themselves during a match, but we want our program to be viewed as an example of how a wrestling team should conduct themselves. After the match, the coaches will release the wrestlers to their parent/guardian.


72lbs, 78lbs, 86lbs, 94lbs, 100lbs, 108lbs, 115lbs, 123lbs, 130lbs, 140lbs, 150lbs, 165lbs, 185lbs, 215lbs, 265lbs

*Note – in some instances we will allotted a 1lb allowance, but this is dependent on the schedule of both teams the day before a dual. If one of the teams competed the night before, both teams will be given a 1lb allowance. That being said, we should prepare as if there is no weight allowance*



Each wrestler will be issued a BMS singlet prior to weigh-ins unless they own one of their own. This singlet will be returned to the coaches prior to the wrestlers leaving the event. A wrestling singlet is mandatory equipment for a wrestling match, and although a 2-piece uniform is optional for other teams, BMS will continue to respect the tradition of wrestling and require the use of a singlet. Additionally, each wrestler is required to have a pair of wrestling shoes and a wrestling headgear to compete in any match. We do not have a preference as to the style of headgear your wrestler chooses, so long as they are comfortable wearing it. We prefer that the wrestling shoes have a lace protector of some sort, but if they do not have lace protectors, it will be required that they tape their laces.

Wrestlers with braces must have a mouth piece that covers section of their mouth that have braces. For example, a wrestler with braces only on their top teeth may wear a top only mouth piece, but a wrestler with braces on their bottom teeth or both top and bottom must wear a mouthpiece that covers both the top and bottom sets of teeth and must present this mouthpiece to the referee at the time of weight-ins.

Also, please make sure your wrestler has a set of nail clippers in their equipment bag for the occasional instance where the referee requires them to trim their nails prior to competing.

After Practice and match hygiene

Given the skin-to-skin nature of wrestling, the occasional skin infection (ie Ringworm) may present itself. To best prevent these sorts of outbreaks, each wrestler should shower/bath immediately upon arriving at home following each practice or match, and mats will be mopped after every practice. When possible, the coaches will have some Defense Wipes available on the bench to during matches for wrestlers to wipe their arms, legs, neck, and face with after their matches (please note – wrestlers must always either have their singlet pulled up or be wearing a shirt during duals). If a potential skin infection comes to your attention, please let the coaches know as soon as possible. We will provide you a copy of the NHSCA Skin form to take with you to the Dr for him to fill out and date appropriately with a return to competition date. No wrestler with a contagious lesion will be allowed onto the mats until the return to competition date on the form.

After the season

At the conclusion of the CTWC season in December, it is strongly encouraged and highly recommended for interested wrestler to continue wrestling through the TNAAU season with the Blackman Wrestling Club. The additional 3 months (December through the first weekend in March) will allow for additional practice time and experience to prepare your wrestler for the next CTWC season with BMS during the next academic year. During the TNAAU season the emphasis shifts from the team aspect of the Dual format to the individual format of Individual tournaments against clubs from across the state of Tennessee and, often times, clubs from neighboring states and regions. Please get with the coaches prior to the end of the season for additional information if your wrestler is interested.




Interest Meeting 8/17/23 @ 6pm
Tryouts 9/01/23 7 pm  BHS annex gym
Tryout 2 TBD