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Mrs. Vaughan 7A Math


Welcome to 7th grade math! 7th Grade math is great because while it is a precursor to Algebra it is very relatable to real life situations. 

We are excited about our 2019/2020 school year. 


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Practice work

With the unexpected loss of class time, the following resources are available:
 - You may continue to work on IREADY - GREEN lessons - your path
- I have assigned Blue IREADY lessons for the portion of our textbook we have not covered yet..
- Remember you are able to access our textbook electronically on One Note - I will post notes from this unit midweek.  
 - I have posted on the "resources" tab two practice TCAP tests and the answers for you to work on your pacing and questions which still may cause you to struggle.  (pacing is about 2 minutes per question for your timing)
 - Weekly HW answers have been posted and the original worksheet as well 
I will periodically check my email this week.  

Geometry Unit Test

Unit test, Thursday March 5.  Last test of the quarter.  Will dramatically help or hurt their grade.  Make sure to study.  Lessons 18 - 24.  Study guide and practice sheets are posted for help.  Please reference One Note and student notes for more detailed notes. 

Change - GRIT Assignments

Starting Monday, Feb 10, future GRIT assignments will be graded on Fridays.  HOWEVER, if a student does not turn it in by Friday, they will not receive a zero.  There will be no late GRIT assignments turned in.  The purpose of the specific assignments is to prepare the students for the upcoming week's lesson.  If your child is pulled when their GRIT class completes the math assignment, the GRIT assignments will still be posted on my webpage. While a zero will not go in the gradebook for future GRIT assignments, students are still expected to work during the class to gain the knowledge necessary to be successful.  If your child does not turn in a GRIT assignment, it will show a blank (missing assignment) in the gradebook, but there is not a "0" and therefore does not negatively affect their grade.