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Welcome to Mrs. Lee's Science Class

Objective:What is the scientific method, and how is it used?
science cycle

Link to a YouTube song explaining scientific tests.

Link to a BrainPop video on the scientific method.

Does the scientific method most accurately describe the process of learning? Check out this independent TED talk if you're not sure.

Link to a YouTube song about the steps of the scientific method.

Discovering stuff is awesome.

Link to a short video clip explaining the purpose of control groups.

A science teacher talks through his homework on identifying the parts of a controlled experiment.

Practice test

Objective: How do scientists invent things?

Link to a YouTube video explaining what engineering is.

There are multiple types of engineering. Find about a few here in this drawing-based video.

Considering engineering? Check out this YouTube video showing some of the things an engineer might do.

Find out about bioengineering with this YouTube video.

Check out this BrainPop video on 3-D printing to see how engineering is changing.

Objective: How do plant and animal cell organelles work?

For Cell notes move to class files and notes page and click the link for Cell Powerpoint.

Click here for quiz on cell parts

Video reviewing the difference between prokaryotes and eukaryotes.

Link to BrainPop video on animal cell organelles (Instructions: Take the quiz at the end of the video and email me, your grade.)

Link to YouTube organelles song

Link to YouTube cell song (Instructions: As you listen to the song, summarize the description of at least 4 organelles.)

Watch this YouTube video to see what makes plant and animal cells different.

Check out this Ted Talk on how cell theory was written. (Instructions: During or after you watch this 6' video, write the THREE parts of cell theory. Then, in your own words, describe one scientist's discovery and what it added to what we now know about cells.)

Practice using a microscope to be ready for the times we use one in class to look at cells.

Link to quizlet (Instructions: Choose one of the review games with BOTH the organelle analogies and the organelle definitions and play until you can match them on the first try.)

 Objective: What are our organ systems like?

Link to organ system notes

Link to BrainPop video on organ systems (Instructions: First, watch the video. Then, you may either take the quiz and email me the results, OR write out your answers to the activity on notebook paper and bring it to me in class.)

Link to a list of BrainPop videos that will give you more details on organs and organ systems.

Try out this game that shows the specific functions of some organs or organ systems.

Link to the game Immune System Defender.

This game will get you thinking about how several organ systems work together to take some things into the body and move others out.

Play this game to match organs with their systems.

Check out this link for resources about organ systems compiled by

Get inspired to learn about how the parts of your body work together, from cells to organ systems.

Medmyst Animal Alert

 Objective: How does a cell divide? 
cell division

Link to an incredible YouTube animation of cells and cell division. The video shows different kinds of cells and how they work together before showing the life cycle of a cell.

Link to a BrainPop video on Mitosis. (Instructions: After watching the video, take the review quiz until you've gotten all the answers correct..)

Play this game to see how your cells work to replace dead cells.

Link to video of real cells doing mitosis (Instructions: When watching the green cell, use the progress bar at the bottom to record the second that each phase of Mitosis starts [ex: Prophase 34" Metaphase 41"]. You may have to watch that portion of the video several times.)

Link to a video of 7th grade science students simulating cell division.

Link to YouTube video of a cell division song (Instructions: As you watch, name the 6 stages of cell division, and write one sentence that describes what happens at each stage. For a bonus point, explain the difference during cytokinesis in plants and animals.)

Link to a YouTube song describing cell division with artwork provided by students.

Link to an animation explaining the four stages of Mitosis. (Instructions: As you watch, draw out each of the four stages on a piece of paper. Then, write one sentence and one key word for each stage.)

Link to quizlet flash cards for cell division


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I will be working on a video each week to walk you through different science objectives .
Check the Rutherford county website for your optional science work. The attached Smore page has other activities and challenges to help you with that work.
You will also find motivational videos and pictures there, as well.
You can access smore here or from your Clever account. 
Have fun learning!!!

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