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Ms. Nicole Underwood » Welcome to Mrs. Underwood's 7B ELAB Class

Welcome to Mrs. Underwood's 7B ELAB Class

Nicole Underwood

7th Grade Writing, Room 712


Phone: (615) 904-3860


Class Description: ELAB is a class that will focus on reading informational texts, writing, language, speaking and listening. During the course of the year students will be writing extensively in three areas: expository, argumentative, and narrative. My instruction will guide students through the basic skills of the writing process, including being able to write a claim, and support that claim through evidence and analysis. Students will work on growing their grammar and editing skills. Students will also dive into class discussions and debates with a focus on learning how to become better speakers and listeners. In this course, our primary reading materials will be based on informational text, and at times, will also provide additional resources for other content areas. It is my hope that by the end of the year students leave my class with knowledge that allows them to become productive and successful citizens.


Unit Plans: Unit plans will be posted online at the beginning of each unit. Unit plans will provide detailed information regarding standards, essential questions, learning goals, materials needed, and a tentative schedule.


Materials: The materials students need in order to be successful in this class include: pencils, highlighters, paper, composition book, and plastic folder with pockets and brads. WISH LIST: We continually use Expo Markers and Post-its for our annotating daily. 


Homework: Students will receive a homework reading article every Monday. They will read the article, annotate, and answer questions about the article. It will be posted on the board daily and will also be sent out via email. Students will have until Friday to turn it into the homework basket.


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  • Be sure to cite evidence from both texts to support your analysis.
  • Follow the conventions of standard written English.