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Physical Education

Welcome to Coach Wilson's Physical Education webpage. Physical Education at Blackman Middle School provides the students the opportunities to explore different sports, games, and fitness activities, while helping them to understand "What actually is fitness?". Students are taught workout construction, based off the 5 elements of fitness and the F.I.T.T. principle. Basic skills are taught during each activity/sport/game in order to help students gain success while participating in the class.
The pacer run is performed throughout the nine weeks for every class. Every Wednesday students participate in a cardio workout. We refer to this as "Cardio Wednesday". This helps to increase their cardiovascular endurance by the nine weeks' conclusion. This class is intended to help increase the student's fitness level, while also increasing their knowledge on different fitness activities, sports and games. 
Athletic attire is a must for this class. (School handbook approved T shirts, athletic shorts/pants and tennis shoes)
I look forward to working with your student this nine weeks!
Coach Wilson