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Mrs. Hamblin ELAB

Mrs. Hamblin 6C ELAB


I hope all students and their families are healthy and safe.


Scroll To the post at bottom of this page for the resources link. (By the Apple)

This week for ELAB we are writing a Narrative by day 4; however, feel free to send it by email to for feedback. See resources day four for directions. Don’t forget to include dialogue.
Dialogue Anchor Chart

Have a wonderful week.



The Class instruction will guide students through the basic skills of the writing process, including being able to write a claim or thesis for an essay, and support that claim or thesis through evidence and analysis.


Students will work on growing their grammar and editing skills. Students will also dive into class discussions and debates with a focus on learning how to become better speakers and listeners.


In this course, our primary reading materials will be based mostly on informational text, and at times, will also provide additional resources for other content areas.


It is my hope that by the end of the year students leave my class with knowledge that allows them to become productive and successful citizens.

Grammar Practice: