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April 3, 2020
Let the Learning Continue!
Updated information to go along with the district's learning plans can be found below. Don't be afraid to shoot me an email ( with any questions or just to say hello! 
-Ms. Brainerd

Recent Posts

Instructions for April 6th

Watch this video for an example of how to break down the poem for the week.

April 6-10 ELA Activities

Hello wonderful people!
RCS has created learning modules for the core subjects. Below you will find the learning module for ELA. It is broken down into four days. In addition, I have posted two links to serve as resources as you complete the activities.  The first link is vocabulary for the poem, and the second link is a History Channel video which gives you some background for both the poem and article in the module. 
Again, these are optional, but I encourage you to try them! You can email your answers to me or your ELAB teacher (or both of us). My email:
Stay safe & healthy!
Ms. Brainerd

Sample Activities

Hi Parents and Students, 
I have updated my Resources page (to the right) with a few topics and activities. Feel free to use these as you navigate learning at home. As always, these are optional activities. 
Keep learning,
Ms. Brainerd

Activities for Home

Good Morning, 
Yesterday RCS posted a list of resources for students during this time away from school. We often use Common Lit and NEWSELA in class, so students should know how to access these if you choose activities from them. 
While nothing is required or will be graded, I encourage you to have your students read daily. Then, talk about what you're reading. Example questions/prompts below.
Students, if you read something interesting or learn something cool, email me and let me know ( Take this time to learn something that fascinates and interests you! Learn a new skill or research a topic!
If you write any more poetry, feel free to send it to me. I love reading your work :)
Ms. Brainerd
Reading Conversation Prompts:
  • Summarize what you read today. Try summarizing it in exactly 11 words. 
  • Which character do you find the most relatable? Why?
  • What caused you to pick this book?
  • How do the character's actions today foreshadow what may happen in the future?
  • How does the setting affect the plot? (How does the time period and place affect the actions/events of the story?)

Vocab Quiz: Wed. March 18th

Students were given new vocabulary Friday, March 13th, over pre-reading vocabulary for The Wednesday Wars. The quiz will take place on Wednesday, March 18th for a formative grade. Unlike previous quizzes, it will just ask students to match the definitions to the terms. 
There is no required homework. The crossword puzzle on the back of the terms can be completed for extra points on their quiz. 

Notebook paper with writing
Students' POEM PUBLISHING PROJECT is due this Wednesday, March 4th. This photo is an example of the explanation that should be included with the poem. (The poem should be on copy paper, but the explanation may be done on notebook paper.)


The test (summative grade) over TPCASTT will take place Monday, March 2nd. 
The attached file has an example and information. Students read this information and looked at the example in class on Friday, February 28th. 
We have been practicing this strategy for 3 weeks. 

Ode Homework (2/20)

Today, in class students read the poem "Ode to My Socks" and completed the TPCASTT analysis for it. Afterwards, they were instructed to write their own ode. Anything not finished in class is homework and due tomorrow, Friday, Feb. 21st. 

Directions for your ode:

1. Write the ode about someone or something important to you. (ex: pizza, pineapples, your best friend, etc.)
2. It should be at least 16 lines
3. It must include at least 2 elements of figurative language (metaphor, simile, hyperbole, personification, allusion).
4. Give it a title. 
  • It does not have to rhyme.
  • Remember that it does not have to be written in full, complete sentences. It's a poem!
  • Review the poem "Ode to My Socks" for an example. 

Annabel Lee

The most recent grade is from Tuesday, February 18th. In class, students read the poem "Annabel Lee" and completed 6 questions. If a student has a zero, either they were absent or did not submit their answers.
To correct/complete this:
1. Log into Common Lit via Clever. 
2. Click the assignment "Annabel Lee."
3. Read the poem and complete the 6 questions. 
4. Let Ms. Brainerd know you have made up this work. 

Retakes of Prefix Test #2

Prefix tests grades are in Skyward. Students are allowed one retake of a test per class per quarter. See instructions below if choosing to retake:
Your assignment:​
  • Copy the entire chart (non- to under-) three times. You may not use the homework you already turned in. ​
  • Break down all the keywords to explain their meaning (like you did on the test). For example, "reread" as "read again."​
  • Retake assignments are due by the end of school on Friday, February 21st.​
  • Retakes will happen next week during GRIT (2nd period).