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7C Math 2017-2018
Dear Parent,
     Thank you for you child. I am excited and honored to have the pleasure of working with you and your child this year. We will have fun learning math and we will sprinkle in some life skills and critical thinking along the way.  When I give homework it should not take more than an hour tops and should be closer to 30 minutes. I usually give them time to start their homework in class, some students may even finish.  If there is anything I can do for you or your child please email me anytime. Thank you again and I look forward to an amazing year.
About Me:
My name is Maranda Allen. I was born in Toledo, Ohio in 1985. I moved to Tennessee in the summer of 1999, immediately preceding my 8th grade year.  Following graduation from Oakland High School in 2004, I joined the Army Reserves and started at MTSU in 2008.  I also married my amazing husband Charles Allen that same year.  Graduation day was December 14, 2013.  I was fortunate enough to be offered a job at the best school in the country and I look forward to many years here at Blackman Middle School. ‚Äč

Recent Posts

CDC Coin Drive

The CDC Coin Drive ends on the 23rd.  Our CDC will use the funds raised for the special Olympics and other classroom supplies.  Please consider donating through your child's homeroom.  Cash, change, and checks made out to Blackman Middle are accepted.  Thank you for your support. 


  • progress reports went home today.  The grades should not be a surprise as they are in INow, but we still require the report to be signed and returned as soon as possible.
  • Math: The tab on my website "how to improve my grade" has all information on how to bring up the math grade if desired.
  • It is against policy to offer "extra credit"
  • Math:The deadline for test corrections and fraction decimal percent re-take is next Friday, February 16th as stated on the HW and announcements tab. (Math CFA4 may be re-taken till March 2nd).
  • nearly all teachers are out of tissues and germex at this point in the year if any of you could send any of that in we would greatly appreciate it. (students can still wash their hands in the bathroom and use toilet paper in place of tissues we are just nearly out in our classrooms)

Grade Improvement

Please see the grade improvement page as it answers nearly all questions you may have about grade improvement.  

Happy Thanksgiving

We are out until Monday the 27th.  Have a great long weekend.  Dont forget about the lesson 9-10 test on Tuesday the 28th.